When your uniqueness is important.

If the capabilities of standard software solutions do not meet your specific needs, we can develop a customised solution for you.

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Your specific processes require a unique solution.

In cases in which you do not want to compromise on functionality or change the way you work, a long-time partner with customised development is the right choice for you.

Set yourself apart from your competitors.

We adapt IT solutions to your specific needs. In addition to solving current requirements, we will also think several moves in advance to keep you ahead of the competition in the long term.

Your motivation can also be of a purely financial nature.

Do you want to pay merely for the functionality you really use? Do you want a solution for an unlimited number of users without high license fees? If so, a customised solution is the right choice for you.

Keep track of your project from the very beginning.

Prior to implementation, as part of Proof of Concept, we will prepare a practical demonstration in the form of a designed solution prototype. Only then will we begin developmental work.

Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET

Technological platform.

Microsoft .NET is the umbrella name for a set of technologies in software products that make up the entire platform. This platform is available not only for Web and Windows, but also for all mobile platforms and UNIX systems, and covers a wide range of deployments from enterprise applications and cloud services to mobile applications.

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Multi-platform scripting language.

JavaScript is a multiplatform, object-oriented scripting language that is typically used as an interpreted programming language for Webpages, often embedded directly into the HTML page code. It usually controls the various interactive GUI elements to provide a better end-user experience. It is currently a modern way of using full MVC JavaScript frameworks or JavaScript on the server side.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

Relational database system.

Microsoft SQL Server is a high-performance relational database system based on a client/server architecture. It has integrated XML support and is scalable and secure. It has been designed to handle a large volume of transactions (such as on-line orders, inventories, accounting and manufacturing) as well as data warehousing within decision-making applications (e.g. analytical systems).

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Solitea development frameworks.

In addition to standard technologies, we also use custom frameworks that include a variety of reusable components such as ORM, security, logging and various GUI technologies (Web, WPF, etc.) to facilitate application development, from analysis, architecture design, development and testing to deployment.

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Generální ředitelství cel

"The customs and tax solutions supplied by Solitea have been utilised by our organisation for over twenty years now. By combining a profound knowledge of the industry and the specifics of the legislation with a high-quality technological design, Solitea's experts are able to implement extremely large-scale systems with international capabilities at superior quality."

Ing. Petr Gavlas
IT Manager, Generální ředitelství cel

Kancelář zdravotního pojištění

"Solitea's experts have developed a unique system that unifies the practical solution of an international agenda within the entire public health insurance system, linking the information systems of health insurance companies and KZP and enabling the work of around 700 employees in a single common user environment."

JUDr. Ladislav Švec
Director, Kancelář zdravotního pojištění

Státní veterinární správa

"The information system provided by Solitea is a key procedural component of the veterinary administration. It is an extremely extensive professional information system with integration links to other systems of the state administration. In view of the extraordinary complexity and unique nature of the solution, we greatly appreciate the supplier's professional project management and the high professional standard of Solitea consultants."

MVDr. Zbyněk Semerád
Director, Státní vetrinární správa

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