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This is quite common. When you have worked in an environment for a long time, you may tend to overestimate the details at the expense of the overall view – you overlook the essence because you are focusing only on the bits and pieces.

It may be inspiring to learn how others do it.

When deciding whether to rely on external consulting services, one of the reasons for you to choose an external consultant may be to learn how the same thing is done by other players in the industry.

We build on long-term relationships.

One of the reasons why most of our clients work with us for a long time is the conscientious approach we take. You can be sure that we will approach your IT solution development just as we have done so for ourselves.

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Poštová banka

"Solitea handled the analysis of the current state of document management and the DMS implementation strategy at Postova Banka. In addition to assessing the current situation, the analysis has resulted in the idea of a broader scope for DMS and its role in the context of plans to introduce a paperless bank."

Ing. Jozef Šimovčík,
Director of Projects and Analysis, Poštová banka

J&T Banka

"Requirements for the future content, scope and functionality of the reporting solution were defined as part of the functional specification for the new business reporting developed by Solitea experts. The analysis took into account the real possibilities of the BI tool in terms of reporting layout, filtering, interactivity and graphical elements."

Ing. Miloslav Martinek
IT Director, J&T Banka

Komora daňových poradců

"The team of Solitea consultants has successfully completed the complex task and has carried out a feasibility study, based on the existing description of the processes and required functions that has been carefully prepared by us, in which it designed a concept and its prioritised "roadmap" for efficient spending of resources for the acquisition and integration of the new information system."

Ing. Radek Neužil
Secretary, Komora daňových poradců


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